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seriously guys amber is gone leaving alfie heartbroken and like all the couples are broken up like fabina jara peddie omg what the hell is gonna happen next oh my god i know for sure willow is gonna get jerome somehow and then move in anubis oh crap everything is breaking but still oh my god

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For @GuadalupeCM1009 on twitter! :)x

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Attention all Sibunas and Directioners…

I just have something to say.

I’m a Sibuna and before you read on, I want you to know that I’m also  a Directioner.

Being a Sibuna is wonderfull. We have a very great cast, and all that.

But, sometimes, being a Directioner can suck.

Because some ‘Directioners’ are mean to each other.

Like seriously.

Admit it, when you didn’t know something about the boys, or said something false, you were put down, and called a Directionator.

I mean, I have.

I love the boys and support them.

But it’s not a crime to forget, right?

BUT, it’s different for us Sibunas.

We help each other out.

When someone wants to know, ” Who’s Brad’s girlfriend,” or ” Why is Nathalia leaving again?” we simply, kindly, answer them.

'Cause there's a strong Sibuna in all of us.

Can there be a strong Directioner in all of us as well?

Reblog if you agree.

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Me at a party…

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